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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Tree: MyMispoche

City/Town : Latitude: 49.263588 N, Longitude: 123.13856 W


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aqua, Harry  Abt 1921Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6328 MyMispoche 
2 Aqua, Nita  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6333 MyMispoche 
3 Aqua, Roslyn  Apr 07, 1926Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6332 MyMispoche 
4 Freeman, Gabrielle  1997Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I13413 MyMispoche 
5 Freeman, Harry  1995Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I13412 MyMispoche 
6 Freeman, Victor Julius  Nov 27, 1918Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I13424 MyMispoche 
7 Garvin, Alice Joy  Dec 25, 1944Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6457 MyMispoche 
8 Harowitz, Aser Isadore  Mar 10, 1915Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2686 MyMispoche 
9 Harowitz, Leslie Earl  Jun 03, 1942Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2702 MyMispoche 
10 Horowitz, Faye  Abt 1916Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2688 MyMispoche 
11 Lonn, Gerald  Oct 10, 1937Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6300 MyMispoche 
12 Lonn, Lawrence  Feb 02, 1935Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6299 MyMispoche 
13 Rothstein, Allan Milton  Mar 12, 1942Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6283 MyMispoche 
14 Rothstein, Dora Isabelle  Dec 04, 1917Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6279 MyMispoche 
15 Rothstein, Ellen  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2792 MyMispoche 
16 Rothstein, Frieda  Abt 1928Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6281 MyMispoche 
17 Rothstein, Larry  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2790 MyMispoche 
18 Rothstein, Linda  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2796 MyMispoche 
19 Rothstein, Michelle  Jan 22, 1928Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I818 MyMispoche 
20 Rothstein, Norman Lawrence  Feb 09, 1918Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I816 MyMispoche 
21 Rothstein, Reta  Apr 29, 1923Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2804 MyMispoche 
22 Rothstein, Reubin  May 15, 1915Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6278 MyMispoche 
23 Rothstein, Rosalie Gale  Jan 22, 1928Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I819 MyMispoche 
24 Rothstein, Sharon  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2800 MyMispoche 
25 Rothstein, Sophie Lillian  Jul 01, 1916Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2290 MyMispoche 
26 Rothstein, Sophie Lynn  Apr 29, 1923Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2810 MyMispoche 
27 Rothstein, [--?--]  Jan 22, 1928Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I12770 MyMispoche 
28 Rothstein/Ross, Nathan  Jan 05, 1923Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6280 MyMispoche 
29 Sears, Alexander  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2720 MyMispoche 
30 Sears, Norman  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2727 MyMispoche 
31 Sears, Susan  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2724 MyMispoche 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Feinstein/Feinberg, Chae Leah  Jun 06, 1937Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6262 MyMispoche 
2 Freeman, Max  Sep 19, 1968Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I13414 MyMispoche 
3 Harowitz, Leslie Earl  Feb 02, 1986Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2702 MyMispoche 
4 Horowitz, Celia  Jun 10, 1994Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I814 MyMispoche 
5 Horowitz, Faye  Jun 30, 2001Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2688 MyMispoche 
6 Hyman, Sarah Elizabeth  Nov 11, 1993Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2685 MyMispoche 
7 Keel, Fanny  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I13427 MyMispoche 
8 Newman, Sophie  Sep 23, 1954Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I12771 MyMispoche 
9 Rothstein, Frieda  Dec 27, 1932Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6281 MyMispoche 
10 Rothstein, Jack  Jan 20, 1918Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6267 MyMispoche 
11 Rothstein, Norman Lawrence  Apr 09, 1989Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I816 MyMispoche 
12 Rothstein, Samuel H.  Jul 08, 2014Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2794 MyMispoche 
13 Rothstein, [--?--]  Jan 22, 1928Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I12770 MyMispoche 
14 Smith, Annette  Oct 27, 2009Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2293 MyMispoche 
15 Steiner, David  Jul 22, 2001Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I3037 MyMispoche 
16 Steiner, George  Feb 20, 1998Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2814 MyMispoche 
17 Teitelbaum, Miriam  Mar 13, 2011Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2795 MyMispoche 
18 Wolskey, Lillian  Aug 08, 1967Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I13415 MyMispoche 

Border Crossing

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Border Crossing    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rothstein, Abraham  Jan 24, 1916Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I815 MyMispoche 
2 Rothstein, Max  May 24, 1913Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6264 MyMispoche 
3 Rothstein, Max  Jan 24, 1916Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I6264 MyMispoche 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID   Tree 
1 Owen, Etho Mary  Feb 23, 2013Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2782 MyMispoche 
2 Rothstein, Samuel H.  Jul 10, 2014Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2794 MyMispoche 
3 Smith, Annette  Oct 29, 2009Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I2293 MyMispoche 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Chaikin / Rothstein  Jun 24, 1934Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F4457 MyMispoche 
2 Freeman / Wolskey  May 09, 1909Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F4720 MyMispoche 
3 Lonn / Pelman  Oct 30, 1932Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F2414 MyMispoche 
4 Pelman / Izen  Jun 08, 1937Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F2417 MyMispoche 
5 Pelman / Singer  Jul 03, 1940Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F2416 MyMispoche 
6 Sussman / Rothstein  Oct 02, 1937Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F447 MyMispoche 
7 Williams / Rothstein  Dec 19, 1937Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada F2398 MyMispoche