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Florida, USA


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State/Province : Latitude: 27.6648274 N, Longitude: 81.5157535 W


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Taylor, Susan L.  Florida, USA I33 MyMispoche 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alves, George Frances  Mar 22, 2005Florida, USA I14001 MyMispoche 
2 Burgay, Louis  Jul 26, 2001Florida, USA I2167 MyMispoche 
3 Corash, Barbara  Abt 1973Florida, USA I1751 MyMispoche 
4 Dine, Mitchell  Nov 1963Florida, USA I7339 MyMispoche 
5 Friedman, Rosalind  Mar 21, 2011Florida, USA I3882 MyMispoche 
6 Friend, Ardo Marvin  Aug 09, 1969Florida, USA I14790 MyMispoche 
7 Gass, Marcia  Aug 04, 2013Florida, USA I13127 MyMispoche 
8 Gordon, Albert I.  Jun 22, 1987Florida, USA I5902 MyMispoche 
9 Grossman, Edythe Rosie  Jan 14, 2001Florida, USA I2488 MyMispoche 
10 Kibrick, Anna Dorathea  Jan 15, 1958Florida, USA I4834 MyMispoche 
11 LaBos, Samuel  Aug 11, 2000Florida, USA I2366 MyMispoche 
12 Lieberman, Irving  Florida, USA I8125 MyMispoche 
13 Mag, Esther Shayna  1945Florida, USA I13823 MyMispoche 
14 Margolskee, Julius M.  Nov 13, 2001Florida, USA I5511 MyMispoche 
15 Mayzer, Irving  Dec 28, 1992Florida, USA I2651 MyMispoche 
16 Moretti, Raymond P.  Jun 13, 2001Florida, USA I6440 MyMispoche 
17 Raisman, Barnett  Jan 1984Florida, USA I5485 MyMispoche 
18 Rappaport, Ruth Veta  Jul 09, 2009Florida, USA I2483 MyMispoche 
19 Rosenhack, Michael Gerald  Jun 16, 2008Florida, USA I447 MyMispoche 
20 Schiffman, Shirley Ruth  Mar 13, 2017Florida, USA I14003 MyMispoche 
21 Schilt, Leon  Nov 03, 2001Florida, USA I4138 MyMispoche 
22 Shalek, Melvin Harris  Feb 26, 2004Florida, USA I1514 MyMispoche 
23 Shapiro, Harold  Oct 25, 2001Florida, USA I1452 MyMispoche 
24 Shatkin, Samuel Cornelius  Jan 23, 2001Florida, USA I1845 MyMispoche 
25 Shepsonwhol, Nachem  Florida, USA I5403 MyMispoche 
26 Smith, Sam  Jan 19, 1967Florida, USA I13178 MyMispoche 
27 Ulanoff, Evelyn  May 03, 2013Florida, USA I7585 MyMispoche 
28 Wax, Jean  Florida, USA I2091 MyMispoche 
29 Wollman, Morris  Mar 1965Florida, USA I8155 MyMispoche 
30 Zlotoff, Bertram B.  Jun 29, 2008Florida, USA I13092 MyMispoche 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Miller, Norman  Oct 27, 2002Florida, USA I6931 MyMispoche 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Zimmerman / Shapiro  Florida, USA F930 MyMispoche