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New York, USA




State/Province : Latitude: 40.7127837, Longitude: -74.00594130000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abrahams, Rachel  10 Apr 1890New York, USA I4108
2 Albin, Harold  26 Mar 1905New York, USA I4564
3 Benjamin, Ada  Abt 1905New York, USA I8543
4 Benjamin, Joseph  14 May 1897New York, USA I8544
5 Benjamin, Mollie  Oct 1895New York, USA I3024
6 Benjamin, Samuel  May 1898New York, USA I8545
7 Bernstein, Max  Abt 1887New York, USA I2153
8 Burgay, Harry  4 Oct 1911New York, USA I3714
9 Burstein, Selma  8 Nov 1929New York, USA I6701
10 Cohn, Lawrence  Abt 1923New York, USA I1002
11 Colbert, Abe (Cohn)  10 Oct 1903New York, USA I985
12 Colbert, Ann  22 May 1919New York, USA I1001
13 Derman, Abraham  Abt 1908New York, USA I6216
14 Derman, Anne  Abt 1907New York, USA I6213
15 Derman, Emily  Dec 1909New York, USA I6215
16 Derman, Ruth  Abt 1916New York, USA I6214
17 DeSalvo, Antoniette  24 Dec 1909New York, USA I4135
18 DeSalvo, Nicholas James  30 Jul 1899New York, USA I4102
19 DeSalvo, Rose  Abt 1895New York, USA I4131
20 Eichman, Max  Abt 1892New York, USA I8480
21 Essexman, Rebecca  Abt 1907New York, USA I3707
22 Freedman, Shirley  22 May 1919New York, USA I2201
23 Fresco, Alfred  15 May 1920New York, USA I4109
24 Fresco, Anna  14 May 1906New York, USA I4096
25 Fresco, Jacob Joseph  19 Mar 1918New York, USA I4120
26 Fresco, Jane  Abt 1921New York, USA I4512
27 Fresco, Jane  Abt 1921New York, USA I4110
28 Friedman, Emmanuel Israel  8 Jan 1894New York, USA I8505
29 Garfinkle, Ida  Abt 1909New York, USA I5333
30 Garfinkle, Sadie  Abt 1906New York, USA I5332
31 Garfunkel, Benjamin  Abt 1867New York, USA I8272
32 Garfunkel, Benjamin S.  3 Jul 1903New York, USA I8287
33 Garfunkel, Lippman  26 Nov 1898New York, USA I8284
34 Gibiansky, Frances  5 Jun 1913New York, USA I12169
35 Gibiansky, Margaret  1915New York, USA I12199
36 Gilleo, Anna  Abt 1897New York, USA I4119
37 Gloyd, Ella  1862New York, USA I12377
38 Gold, Bertha  17 Oct 1927New York, USA I709
39 Goldberg, Lauretta  15 Dec 1897New York, USA I4616
40 Golden, Harriet  22 Mar 1915New York, USA I13643
41 Goldstein, Dollie  Abt 1888New York, USA I3579
42 Goldstein, Katie  Abt 1902New York, USA I7834
43 Gordon, Albert I.  Abt 1927New York, USA I5902
44 Gorovitz, Rose  Abt 1902New York, USA I4740
45 Gottesman, Fannie  Dec 1897New York, USA I6513
46 Gottesman, Julius  21 Jul 1891New York, USA I6428
47 Gottesman, Sophie  Abt 1893New York, USA I6512
48 Gotthelf, Max  9 Jan 1896New York, USA I4100
49 Gusky, Alfred  Abt 1915New York, USA I3379
50 Gusky, Ida  6 Dec 1896New York, USA I3376
51 Gusky, Jacob  Abt 1867New York, USA I3374
52 Gusky, Jeanette  Abt 1907New York, USA I3378
53 Gusky, Jerome  26 Jun 1898New York, USA I3380
54 Gusky, Ruth  Abt 1904New York, USA I3377
55 Hamel, Carrie  1879New York, USA I11397
56 Hamel, Flora  Apr 1878New York, USA I11395
57 Hamel, Jack  4 Feb 1888New York, USA I3688
58 Hass, Gustave  19 Feb 1896New York, USA I3691
59 Kahan, Earl  1911New York, USA I1339
60 Kahan, Harry  1914New York, USA I1340
61 Kaplan, Jennie  Abt 1903New York, USA I6198
62 Kastanowitz, Moe  Abt 1916New York, USA I3969
63 Klatzko, Marjorie/Sybil  Abt 1919New York, USA I3580
64 Krams, Samuel Saul  30 Sep 1892New York, USA I5928
65 Kreutzer, Miriam  18 Jan 1919New York, USA I13181
66 Lamb, Anna  Abt 1893New York, USA I4142
67 Langert, Isidore  17 Sep 1915New York, USA I5921
68 Langert, Rose  Abt 1905New York, USA I5901
69 Levenson, Harry Arnold  19 Jun 1884New York, USA I5035
70 Levine, Minnie  Abt 1906New York, USA I3483
71 Levine, Rose  Abt 1908New York, USA I3484
72 Levine, Sarah  Abt 1901New York, USA I3481
73 Levine, Sophie  5 Jan 1905New York, USA I4377
74 Libbzig, William  Abt 1891New York, USA I8478
75 Lubjinski/Lubin, Jacob  Apr 1879New York, USA I4758
76 Margolefsky, Beatrice  13 Dec 1915New York, USA I13080
77 Margolefsky, Louis  24 Jul 1910New York, USA I13079
78 Margolefsky, Mildred  13 Jun 1919New York, USA I13081
79 Melnikoff, Barney  29 Jun 1905New York, USA I4543
80 Melnikoff, Charles  Abt 1903New York, USA I4542
81 Melnikoff, Louis Bert  28 Jul 1900New York, USA I4541
82 Mofsen, Stanley A.  17 Jul 1909New York, USA I3667
83 Mordecai, Leah  Abt 1901New York, USA I7718
84 Mydans, William Esty  15 Nov 1905New York, USA I13158
85 Nathan, Rowena  7 Feb 1830New York, USA I12620
86 Novalis, Sherman  3 Jul 1917New York, USA I885
87 Osman, Rhoda  Abt 1907New York, USA I3429
88 Osman, Yetta  Abt 1904New York, USA I3432
89 Pear, Ethel  Abt Apr 1899New York, USA I3346
90 Pear, Joseph  Abt 1901New York, USA I3664
91 Pear, Moses  12 Jun 1894New York, USA I4961
92 Perroni, Joseph  4 Sep 1895New York, USA I4098
93 Pevner, Oscar Irving  10 Nov 1910New York, USA I3341
94 Pincus, Aaron  3 Jul 1908New York, USA I13818
95 Plessett, Shirley  1924New York, USA I3307
96 Podolsky, Abe  13 May 1913New York, USA I3029
97 Podolsky, Goldie  Abt 1913New York, USA I3657
98 Podolsky, Rose  15 Feb 1919New York, USA I3030
99 Podolsky, Stella  Abt 1908New York, USA I3658
100 Podolsky, Vella  Abt 1913New York, USA I3656
101 Podolsky, William  Abt 1924New York, USA I3031
102 Pollack, Rachel  7 Dec 1912New York, USA I1227
103 Prucha, Lottie  Abt 1909New York, USA I5470
104 Prucha, Otto  27 Mar 1913New York, USA I6620
105 Rabinowitz, Ada Ruth  Abt 1898New York, USA I5926
106 Rabinowitz, Bea  Abt 1912New York, USA I5915
107 Rabinowitz, Benjamin  21 Oct 1901New York, USA I5900
108 Rabinowitz, Ida/Eva  30 Sep 1897New York, USA I5925
109 Rabinowitz, Mollie  6 May 1901New York, USA I5927
110 Raisman, Barnett  3 May 1918New York, USA I5485
111 Raisman, Louis  8 Sep 1915New York, USA I5484
112 Reader, Hyman E.  21 Sep 1904New York, USA I13110
113 Rosenson, Daniel  Abt 1921New York, USA I3472
114 Rosenthal, Sarah  Abt 1876New York, USA I4232
115 Rothstein, Harvey Stanley  12 Apr 1927New York, USA I377
116 Rouse, Charles C.  1898New York, USA I13111
117 Sandler, Minnie  Abt 1889New York, USA I4210
118 Schain, Beatrice  18 Nov 1908New York, USA I5935
119 Schilt, Harry  Nov 1890New York, USA I8513
120 Schilt, Henry  6 Jan 1922New York, USA I4139
121 Schilt, Louis  26 Aug 1887New York, USA I8512
122 Schilt, Philip Irving  12 Dec 1885New York, USA I4099
123 Schulman, Esther  Abt 1909New York, USA I3519
124 Schulman, Hyman  Abt 1911New York, USA I3518
125 Schulman, Mary  Abt 1918New York, USA I3520
126 Schwartz, Louis  Abt 1890New York, USA I3224
127 Sibek, Antoinette  Abt 1905New York, USA I4129
128 Silverman, Frank  1937New York, USA I12246
129 Tekulsky, Lillian  1881New York, USA I13157
130 Turitz, Esther  Abt 1912New York, USA I7427
131 Turitz, Florence  13 Apr 1899New York, USA I7422
132 Turitz, George W.  6 Nov 1903New York, USA I7424
133 Turitz, Joseph  Abt 1906New York, USA I7425
134 Turitz, Marko Peter  25 Aug 1901New York, USA I7423
135 Turitz, Sonya  Abt 1917New York, USA I7428
136 Turkowitz, Annabelle  Abt 1925New York, USA I2472
137 Wagner, Harry  26 May 1911New York, USA I13082
138 Wald, Stanley  12 Dec 1919New York, USA I13162
139 Williams, Josephine  1915New York, USA I13161
140 Winetzky, Sylvia  Abt 1909New York, USA I3336
141 Wollman, Miriam  New York, USA I8157
142 Wolpe, Dora  1911New York, USA I13194
143 Wolpe, Jerome  1 Jan 1928New York, USA I13197
144 Wolpe, Rose  1912New York, USA I13195
145 Wolpe, Sophie  4 Jan 1918New York, USA I13196
146 [--?--], Anna  Abt 1895New York, USA I3689
147 [--?--], Annie  Jan 1867New York, USA I7692
148 [--?--], Bertha  7 Jul 1895New York, USA I7679
149 [--?--], Fanny  May 1849New York, USA I11394
150 [--?--], Irene  Abt 1903New York, USA I4959
151 [--?--], Lena B.  Abt 1872New York, USA I6491
152 [--?--], Minnie  Abt 1894New York, USA I7689
153 [--?--], Natalie  1895New York, USA I13801
154 [--?--], Rose  Abt 1877New York, USA I3375
155 [--?--], Rose  Abt 1883New York, USA I4565


Matches 1 to 51 of 51

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Auer, Charles Henry  Dec 1969New York, USA I4103
2 Behrens, Frank  1 Dec 1974New York, USA I693
3 Bernstein, George  Oct 1964New York, USA I1178
4 Bregman, Harry  Sep 1967New York, USA I257
5 Brodsky, Rebecca  1 Jul 1984New York, USA I86
6 Burstein, Max M.  Jun 1961New York, USA I4104
7 Corash, Louis  13 Jul 1982New York, USA I1292
8 Dennis, Michele C.  1985New York, USA I1609
9 Elkin, David  28 Mar 1998New York, USA I7438
10 Epstein, Leib  1943New York, USA I2028
11 Fresco, William  29 Dec 1992New York, USA I4121
12 Garfunkel, Emmanuel  11 Dec 1963New York, USA I12445
13 Garfunkel, Esther  Sep 1950New York, USA I8279
14 Garfunkel, Sadie  2 Aug 1979New York, USA I12418
15 Geller, Irene  Feb 1983New York, USA I799
16 Gottesman, Julius  Aug 1968New York, USA I6428
17 Hamoy, Samuel  6 Jun 1988New York, USA I152
18 Horowitz, Nathan  Nov 1985New York, USA I804
19 Kessler, Ilene  1987New York, USA I476
20 Langert, Isidore  1 Apr 1994New York, USA I5921
21 Langert, Rose  14 Oct 1976New York, USA I5901
22 Lappin, Leah  28 Dec 1999New York, USA I7544
23 Lederman, Anne  28 Jan 2000New York, USA I1014
24 Lubansky/Luban, Frank  8 Aug 1962New York, USA I358
25 McMillen, Lloyd  10 Oct 1992New York, USA I3583
26 Melnikoff, Barney  22 Mar 1989New York, USA I4543
27 Nathan, Benjamin Seixas  28 Jul 1870New York, USA I12612
28 Nathan, Rowena  18 Jun 1901New York, USA I12620
29 Park(s), Jane Aldous  16 Jan 1945New York, USA I4087
30 Pincus, Harriet  28 Jun 2001New York, USA I3502
31 Pine, Irving  Nov 1984New York, USA I206
32 Pisetzky, Sadie  Abt 1950New York, USA I79
33 Plesset, David  15 Feb 1973New York, USA I1185
34 Prucha, Olga  Sep 1977New York, USA I4561
35 Prucha, Otto  25 Jan 1989New York, USA I6620
36 Rothstein, Fannie  1 Apr 1988New York, USA I357
37 Sachs, Bune Libe  22 Apr 1921New York, USA I13160
38 Sclair, Annie  New York, USA I4861
39 Sclair, Harry  10 Dec 2002New York, USA I4865
40 Sclair, Jake  New York, USA I4859
41 Shepsonwhol, Shlame  New York, USA I5402
42 Sherer, Andrew  15 Apr 1967New York, USA I101
43 Sibek, Joseph  Mar 1982New York, USA I4128
44 Sirlin, Irving  4 Jul 1958New York, USA I2013
45 Skwirski/Squire, Celia  22 Jul 1940New York, USA I12198
46 Smith, Sally  29 Jun 2000New York, USA I8847
47 Striar, Bernard  20 Feb 1990New York, USA I3733
48 Taube, Kate  26 May 1944New York, USA I11478
49 Tuerk/Turkewich, Aaron  24 Jan 1986New York, USA I102
50 Turitz, Marko Peter  1 Dec 1982New York, USA I7423
51 [--?--], Rebecca  Jun 1976New York, USA I3515


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cohn, Lawrence  Abt 1943New York, USA I1002
2 Rosenburgh, Goody  21 Mar 2007New York, USA I11147

Declaration of Intention

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Declaration of Intention    Person ID 
1 Pincus, David  24 Dec 1918New York, USA I6516


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military-Begin    Person ID 
1 Sheinbach, Samuel  1 May 1918New York, USA I6256


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Klatzko, Sara  12 Jun 1939New York, USA I3301
2 Pincus, Rose  15 May 1939New York, USA I6515

Petition for Naturalization

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Petition for Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Pincus, David  20 Apr 1925New York, USA I6516

WW II Draft Registration Card

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WW II Draft Registration Card    Person ID 
1 Fresco, Emanuel  20 Aug 1942New York, USA I8723

WW_II Enlistment

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WW_II Enlistment    Person ID 
1 Tisch, Preston Robert  25 Sep 1944New York, USA I8867


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burgay / Sirlin  5 Sep 1936New York, USA F1127
2 Cohen / Essexman  28 Dec 1928New York, USA F87
3 Colman / Etscovitz  1946New York, USA F711
4 Etscovitz / Pollack  1938New York, USA F701
5 Goldman / Kessler  24 Mar 1932New York, USA F35
6 Gottesman / Marmorston  Abt 1926New York, USA F2249
7 Greifer / Shwitzkyn  14 Dec 1912New York, USA F3056
8 Gutman / Lubetkin  Abt 1909New York, USA F3002
9 Levine / Turitz  25 Jun 1929New York, USA F2768
10 Nekrich / Jeiger  7 Jun 1942New York, USA F2329
11 Rabinowitz / Langert  Abt 1925New York, USA F511
12 Sclair / Fisher  New York, USA F1963
13 Sclair / Fisher  New York, USA F1964
14 Shalek/Elliot / Huber  Abt 1947New York, USA F647
15 Tuerk / Krochmalnick  15 Jun 1940New York, USA F70
16 Weisglass / Sclair  27 May 1926New York, USA F1962