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Eisiskes, Lithuania




City/Town : Latitude: 54.168104, Longitude: 24.994943


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Groznik, Esther  Abt 1908Eisiskes, Lithuania I8038
2 Kalmanovitz, Icie  Abt 1889Eisiskes, Lithuania I7984
3 Kopeliovich, Akiva  Abt 1829Eisiskes, Lithuania I7744
4 Kopeliovich, Feige  Abt 1894Eisiskes, Lithuania I7749
5 Kopeliovich, Miriam Leah  Abt 1845Eisiskes, Lithuania I7880
6 Kopeliovich, Yisrael Leib  Abt 1835Eisiskes, Lithuania I7746
7 Kopeliovich, Yitzhak  Abt 1832Eisiskes, Lithuania I7745
8 Shaffer, Ike  Abt 1888Eisiskes, Lithuania I7990
9 Shuster, Shoshana  Abt 1910Eisiskes, Lithuania I8039
10 Szcucynski, Avraham Shmuel  Abt 1879Eisiskes, Lithuania I7983
11 Szcucynski, Betty Julia  Abt 1887Eisiskes, Lithuania I7981
12 Szcucynski, Chana  Abt 1917Eisiskes, Lithuania I8036
13 Szcucynski, Fannie  6 Jan 1890Eisiskes, Lithuania I7992
14 Szcucynski, Hannah Rachel  15 Dec 1880Eisiskes, Lithuania I7987
15 Szcucynski, Miriam Deborah  Abt 1879Eisiskes, Lithuania I7985
16 Szcucynski, Mordechai Eliezer  Abt 1906Eisiskes, Lithuania I8033
17 Szcucynski, Moredchai Eliezer  Abt 1846Eisiskes, Lithuania I7979
18 Szcucynski, Rachel  Abt 1925Eisiskes, Lithuania I8037
19 Szcucynski, Shoshana  Abt 1915Eisiskes, Lithuania I8035
20 Szcucynski, Yisrael  Abt 1913Eisiskes, Lithuania I8034
21 Wollman, Morris  30 Jan 1891Eisiskes, Lithuania I8155
22 Zamoichinsky, Chanah  Abt 1873Eisiskes, Lithuania I7913
23 Zamoichinsky, Sarah  Abt 1870Eisiskes, Lithuania I7882


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Groznik, Esther  Abt 1941Eisiskes, Lithuania I8038
2 Kalmanovitz, Icie  Abt 1941Eisiskes, Lithuania I7984
3 Kopeliovich, Yitzhak  Abt 1849Eisiskes, Lithuania I7745
4 Shuster, Shoshana  Abt 1941Eisiskes, Lithuania I8039
5 Szcucynski, Avraham Shmuel  Abt 1941Eisiskes, Lithuania I7983
6 Szcucynski, Chana  Abt 1941Eisiskes, Lithuania I8036
7 Szcucynski, Mordechai Eliezer  Abt 1941Eisiskes, Lithuania I8033
8 Szcucynski, Moredchai Eliezer  Abt 1893Eisiskes, Lithuania I7979
9 Szcucynski, Rachel  Abt 1943Eisiskes, Lithuania I8037
10 Szcucynski, Shoshana  Abt 1941Eisiskes, Lithuania I8035
11 Szcucynski, Yisrael  Eisiskes, Lithuania I8034
12 Wollman, Nachum  Abt 1905Eisiskes, Lithuania I8152
13 Wollman, Yitzhak  Abt 1896Eisiskes, Lithuania I8153
14 Zamoichinsky, Akiva Joseph  Abt 1898Eisiskes, Lithuania I7881
15 Zamoichinsky, Chanah  Abt 1893Eisiskes, Lithuania I7913