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Vilnius, Lithuania


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Vilnius, Lithuania
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City/Town : Latitude: 54.689631, Longitude: 25.279935


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aishiskin, Bessie Kate  Abt 1891Vilnius, Lithuania I7884
2 Aishiskin, Fannie  Jul 1895Vilnius, Lithuania I7886
3 Aishiskin, Peter C.  17 Jul 1898Vilnius, Lithuania I7907
4 Alperowitz, Isidore  15 Oct 1886Vilnius, Lithuania I5103
5 Askin, Joseph  1 Jan 1901Vilnius, Lithuania I7911
6 Becker, Sara Tsipe Feige  Abt 1849Vilnius, Lithuania I7698
7 Bernstein, Charles Joseph  15 Aug 1884Vilnius, Lithuania I5191
8 Blacher, Kate  25 Dec 1894Vilnius, Lithuania I4626
9 Cohen/Dalin, Arthur David  25 Dec 1885Vilnius, Lithuania I3883
10 Epstein, Max B.  Jul 1870Vilnius, Lithuania I7556
11 Etscovitz, Ida  5 Aug 1894Vilnius, Lithuania I1195
12 Etscovitz, Jacob  12 Oct 1897Vilnius, Lithuania I1191
13 Etscovitz, Samuel Louis  8 Jan 1900Vilnius, Lithuania I1209
14 Halperin, Rachel Leah  Abt 1875Vilnius, Lithuania I11779
15 Klatzko, Louis  30 Nov 1888Vilnius, Lithuania I3576
16 Klatzko, Sara  22 Feb 1891Vilnius, Lithuania I3301
17 Lubin, Benjamin  Abt 1891Vilnius, Lithuania I8391
18 Rapaport, Louis  17 Jun 1886Vilnius, Lithuania I1424
19 Schreiberman, Ber/Beryl  Abt 1842Vilnius, Lithuania I7682
20 Schreiberman, Fruma  Abt 1846Vilnius, Lithuania I7980
21 Sobel, Sarah  Abt 1871Vilnius, Lithuania I4451
22 Trager, Abraham Isaac  Abt 1809Vilnius, Lithuania I8327
23 Wollman, Benjamin  Abt 1886Vilnius, Lithuania I8154
24 [--?--], Mollie  Feb 1849Vilnius, Lithuania I5226


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rivkas, R. Moshe  31 Jul 1671Vilnius, Lithuania I6540
2 Rivkas, R. Petachya  Aft 1672Vilnius, Lithuania I6539
3 Schreiberman, Fruma  Vilnius, Lithuania I7980
4 [--?--], Eliyahu Chasid  Abt 1710Vilnius, Lithuania I6536
5 [--?--], Zvi Hersh  20 May 1765Vilnius, Lithuania I6535