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Mile End, London, England


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Mile End, London, England
[Mile End] [London] [England]

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City/Town : Latitude: 51.526806, Longitude: -0.03971300000000610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mordecai, Abraham / Alfred  12 Feb 1871Mile End, London, England I7715 MyMispoche 
2 Mordecai, Deborah  1868Mile End, London, England I11500 MyMispoche 
3 Mordecai, Esther  1866Mile End, London, England I11499 MyMispoche 
4 Mordecai, Jane  1877Mile End, London, England I11495 MyMispoche 
5 Mordecai, Joseph  1865Mile End, London, England I11498 MyMispoche 
6 Mordecai, Julia  1873Mile End, London, England I11493 MyMispoche 
7 Mordecai, Louis / Lewis  1861Mile End, London, England I11496 MyMispoche 
8 Mordecai, Mark  1835Mile End, London, England I11491 MyMispoche 
9 Mordecai, Rebecca  1875Mile End, London, England I11494 MyMispoche 
10 Mordecai, Sarah  1862Mile End, London, England I11497 MyMispoche 
11 Rome, Fannie  25 Oct 1902Mile End, London, England I3841 MyMispoche 
12 Rome, Jack  12 Mar 1906Mile End, London, England I12149 MyMispoche 
13 Rome, Jack / John  12 Mar 1906Mile End, London, England I3843 MyMispoche 
14 Rome, Michael Myer  23 Nov 1897Mile End, London, England I3839 MyMispoche 
15 Rome, Sarah  6 Jan 1904Mile End, London, England I3842 MyMispoche 
16 [--?--], Hannah  1837Mile End, London, England I11492 MyMispoche