Help: Search and Find


How do I find who I am looking for?

  • There are a number of ways, but the 'Search' function provides the most straight forward method. The search box on the bottom right of the Home page provides a simple 'Last Name' and 'First Name' search. There is also a link there for "Advanced Search" and one to "Search Families":

  • Advanced search (also as 'Search' at the top left of all other pages) allows you to enter various information about the individual you're looking for.

  • There are some other Name types in 'Other Search Criteria' on the Advanced Search page: for example the person you are looking for may have changed their name or have been known by an alternative name.

  • The Family search offers the best way to search for a woman if you do not know her maiden (unmarried) name.

  • You might also want to try looking at 'Surnames' or 'First Names' if you don't have a clear picture of who you're looking for. You'll find these in the Home page menu and the 'Find' drop-down menu at the top right of all pages.

  • If you think the person is likely to be there but you can't find them, then please contact us for help.


Names and Other Data

This is the most flexible/versatile method as you can use names in conjunction with other data (IDs , dates and places for life events).

Basic Search

Searching for a name in the database. If you know who you are looking for, then you are already halfway there! Just use the Search box on the right side of the home page (surname on top!), and you will be shown all the records in the database that match your request.

Advanced Search

If you need to be more specific in who or what you are looking for, use the 'Advanced Search' link in the Search box on the right side of the home page, by clicking on the search icon in the upper left hand corner of every other page, or by selecting 'Search People' in the 'Find' drop-down menu. There, you can specify several different categories to search against, including birth and death information as well as spousal information. You can even search by event or place. At the bottom of the form there is expandable list of 'Other Search Criteria' that includes 'Nickname', 'Alternative Name' and a variety of events that may be relevant to the person's life.

For each search category there is a drop-down menu with a set of criteria describing relevant data. These include: Contains,   Equals,   Starts with,   Ends with,   Exists,   Does not exist,   Soundex of.



On the 'Search People' form there is a link to 'Search Families. There is also an item for this in the 'Find' drop-down menu. Here you can search for names of both spouses and date/place of any marriage or divorce. There is also an expandable list of family-related 'Other Search Criteria'.


Married Name

To search for a woman when you know only her married name, either

(a) use the 'Spouse's Last Name' field with Gender set as 'Female', which will give you a list of all women married to men with the family name stated, or

(b) if you know her first name, click on the 'Search Families' link and then you will be able to enter both the husband/partner's name and her first name.


Name Search

This is not as flexible as other methods as you are limited to names beginning with a chosen letter.


Clicking on 'Surnames' on the Home Page and/or in the 'Find' drop-down menu - this will give you the master listing of surnames in the database and allow you to drill-down by surname, which will give you a list of people to choose from. Click on 'show all surnames' to get an alphabetical listing of all surnames in the database.

First Names

There is a similar method for first names accessed in the 'Find' drop-down menu.