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This site includes years of research relating to the Pisetsky, Cohen, Alexander, Berkovitz, Korastashefsky, Plesset, and Shalek families (just to name a few). Thanks to many relatives, near and far, for contributing research, insights, and stories. Please search our database for names of you ancestors.

We make every attempt to adhere to the Protocols and Standards described here. This study of our ancestors is continuing with the help of family, friends and, of course, the internet. There is a menu of choices including a search tool, a complete list of surnames, histories, interviews, stories and copies of documents. There are photos of headstones and maps of cemeteries where available. The entire web-page is linked to Google Maps so that places of birth, death etc. are shown on maps linked to the individual. Interesting reports are in the works. Photos of our ancestors are included with links to the individuals.

This is an on-going project and each time that you return, more information will be available. Any information or corrections are welcome and any photos or documents that you would like to share can be attached to the ancestor.

Credits For Site Contributors

We will give proper credit to those persons who enhance our web-page. Special thanks are extended to many of these persons here. Other credits will be indicated as the owner of a picture or a document or as the provider of a bit of history. If we fail to give proper credit, please let us know about it.

About LOG IN and Privacy

Every attempt has been made to protect the names of the living. This is based on a birth and/or a death date. If this information is missing, it is possible for the information on a living person to be shown. If you see any such names, please inform me.

Logging in with a username and password will allow you to see all of the information. Family members can contact me to request a username and password.

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Please note this website imposes various restrictions on access by non-registered users to personal data and media. You must already be in our database, or can document how you are descended from someone in the database to register as a family member for a username and password; you will then be able to view information on 'living' individuals and have full access to all media. Please REGISTER

If you are new to this site you may want to start by reading through the Help page or the Frequently Asked Questions (links in the 'Help' menu). Alternatively, you can begin by searching for a name you are interested in, or by using the links at the left to explore the Ancestor Chart your branch of our tree.

Our database was last updated 9 April 2022. It contains details of 16,584 individual people, across three family branches! Use the 'Surnames' link in the search box at the right to list them all, and to select one to view. Alternatively, if you know the name of the person you are looking for, enter it in the search box at the right of this page.

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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