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Q. What Are Your Copyright  ©    ®      Rules?
A. The basic intent of the MyMispoche Genealogy Website is to centralize as much information as we are able, verify sources and present a reliable database of MyMispoche information to insure a continuing history of such a fascinating surname and related family histories.

We understand many researchers spend many hours and personal expense in gathering data, not only for personal satisfaction, family history, but also, inspirations of writing books, journals etc.  MyMispoche is a "Non-Profit" website, and we consider all data presented to be in the "World Domain" for use in a "Non-Profit" and/or "Personal" use.  Violation of this policy WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and we will do everything within our means to prevent such abuse.

Contributions of data are always welcomed and encouraged; however, if you feel you have your own Copyright for presented data, please understand that we are not able to control any visitor from copying and using your data elsewhere.  We can not be held responsible for data contributed other then how we present said data upon the MyMispoche Genealogy website.

Data is presented as reliable as we are able to verify. If you feel you have corrections, clarifications or just simply questions, we encourage you to contact us. We respect privacy, Copyright concerns and give every effort to revealing credit for information sources received. We not only appreciate data contributions, we encourage you to take part in this effort.  If you feel we are presenting certain data / photos / documents that are not properly credited, please contact us with your concerns and we react accordingly.