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Q. What Is The Best Way To Submit Family Data Files?
A. Please share your photos and documents that pertain to our Families so that they may be viewed by others who might share the same ancestors. They can be sent by postal mail to Carlton Brooks, 1854 East Fountain Street, Mesa, Arizona 85203-5123, or they can be sent by e-mail to: carltonb@mymispoche.com.

Important--All items contributed for inclusion on this web site must have the name of the person who submitted it, along with an e-mail address if you have one. This personal information will not be included, but the Webmaster has to have it on file. Only the name of the contributor will appear with the photo or other type of document.

Preferably, photos should be on photographic paper--not plain paper, and scanned photos should be at 300 dpi resolution at a minimum. Include identifying information. Copyrighted photos cannot be accepted unless accompanied by:
1) a copyright release from the photography studio, or
2) a statement from you that the company has gone out of business, or
3) a statement from you that you have made a diligent search for the studio and cannot find it, or
4) a statement that the photo was taken without copyrighting identification and therefore you do not
know where it came from, or
5) a statement from you that the copyright has expired (you will need to know the approximate date
of the photo to know that).

Photos of our Families/ancestors who died before 1950. Photos of people in their youth are much better than in old age because family resemblances can be seen, but send whatever you have. Include full names, relationships of people, dates of birth and death, place of burial, occasion, location, etc. With groups, it helps to make a paper copy also, and number the people, then provide the names that correspond with the number.
Photos of school classes and sporting events, synagogue and church classes or events, and political events, with date, location, occasion, and names.
Photos of high school or college diplomas of our ancestors.
Photos of people in civic organizations. Include name of organization, date, location, event, and of course the names of the people known.
Photos of Family Bible pages that list births, deaths, and marriages. Include the front cover if it has a pretty cover, and include the inside page showing publication date. Transcribe names if the writing is in cursive.
Landscape photos of our families communities before 1950. Provide orientation and identifying information.
Photos of early businesses, name of owner, manager, employees, date, location, and other pertinent information.
Photos of old houses, with name of owner, date, location, and other pertinent information.
Copies of marriage licenses of people who died before 1950. Copies of wedding invitations would also be nice.
Copies of obituaries from the newspaper of people who died before 1950.
Newspaper articles about people who died before 1950.
Pictures of people working on farms, or pictures of your ancestors' farms whether there are people in the picture or not.
Biographies of your ancestors who died before 1950. These can be written by you, with as much information as you know from your family research. Please cite your sources for factual information and for anecdotal information.

Family trees in any format. e.g. Family Sheets / PDF Files / Excel Files or gedcoms.