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MyMispoche Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Do I Find Who I'm Looking For?
    • Name vs. Surname
    • Individual Identity Numbers (ID)
    • Google Searches
    • Advance Searches

  2. How Do I Find An Individual's Ancestors?
  3. What If I Want To See An Individual's Descendants?
  4. Can Descendants Be Shown In A Graphical Format?
  5. Is There A Way To Tell If Two Individuals Are Related?
  6. The Timeline Function Looks Interesting, What Is It?
  1. If I See A Mistake In The Information Presented Can I Correct It?
  2. Is There A Way To Print The Display Without All The Headers And Icons?
  3. What Are All The Icons For That Are Located In The Drop Down Menus In The Upper Right Of The Page?
  4. What Is The Best Way To Submit Family Data Files?
  5. Who Are You, And Why Did You Create This Website?
  6. What Are Your Copyright© Rules?
  7. I never See A Contributor's Email Address. How Would I contact Someone Who Has Similar Family Interests As Mine?
  8. How Was This Website Created?
I Have A Question That Is Not Addressed Above.

My Mispoche Genealogy Icon Definitions
    • HomeHome
        Returns to Home Page.
    • PrintPrint
        Activates Printer for printing current page. (Currently Not Being Used on MyMispoche).
    • Login - User: anonymousLogin
        Login Utilized By Administration Only. Visitors are NOT required to Have USERID's or Passwords.
    • Add BookmarkAdd Bookmark
        Custom Bookmarks For MyMispoche Genealogy.

  • FIND
    • Search
        Advanced Site Search Form.
    • Surnames
        Alphabetical List By Surname of All Individuals.
    • Bookmarks
        Custom Bookmarks of Preferred Individual's Pages.
    • Places
        Alphabetical Listing of All Places by Country/State/County/City.
    • Dates
        Birth / Death Anniversaries.
    • Cemeteries
        Alphabetical Listing of Cemeteries by Country/State/County/City.
    • Individual
        Refreshes / Returns To Current Individual Page.
    • Ancestors
        Ancestral Pedigree On Current Individual.
    • Descendants
        Descendant Chart For Current Individual.
    • Relationship
        Calculates Relationship Of Two Individuals.
    • Timeline
        Intersting Factoids and Trivia Over Current Individual's Lifespan.
    • Suggest
        Contact The Webmaster Regarding Current Individual.  
    • Photos
        List of All Individual Photos.
    • Documents
        Items of Interest.
    • Headstones
        List of Grave Markers and Cemetery Photos.
    • Histories
        Biographies and Family Histories.
    • Recordings
        Family Recordings (Currently Not used on MyMispoche).
    • Videos
        Family Videos (Currently Not used on MyMispoche).
    • Census
        Alphabetical listing of US Census Images.
    • Albums
        Family Albums Submitted by Visitors.
    • All Media
        Alphabetical Listing of ALL Photos on MyMispoche Website.
    • What's New
        Latest Changes To the Website for Last Ten Days.
    • MyMispoche FAQs
        This Page.
    • Most Wanted
        Brick Walls and Hard To Find Individuals.
            (Currently Not Being Used on MyMispoche)
    • Reports
        Custom Reports. (Very Limited Use on MyMispoche).
    • Statistics
        More info On MyMispoche Regarding Number of Individuals
            Oldest Individual Etc.
    • Notes
        General Research Notes Recorded On Individuals.
    • Sources
        Listing of Sources (Family Data, Books etc.).
    • Repositories
        (Currently Not Being Used on MyMispoche).
    • Contact Us
        Electronic Form To Contact us via E-Mail.