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David Hays Solis and Elvira S. Nathan Family


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Sarah M [--?--]
Female (1791-1834)
Grace Nathan
Female (1809-1887)
Jonathan Nathan
Male (1811-1863)
Rachel Seixas Nathan
Female (1815-1885)
Mendes Nathan
Male (1817-1891)
Esther Nathan
Female (1819-1874)
Gershom Seixas NathanGershom Seixas Nathan
Male (1821-1864)
Miriam Nathan
Female (1823-1879)
Clara Nathan
Female (1825-1902)
Rowena Nathan
Female (1830-1901)
David Hays SolisDavid Hays Solis
Male (1822-1882)
Elvira S. NathanElvira S. Nathan
Female (1826-1912)
Charity Solis
Female (1853-1905)
Jacob Solomon Solis
Male (1855-1894)
Isaac Nathan Solis
Male (1857-1909)
Emily Grace Solis
Female (1859-1936)
David Hays Solis, Jr.
Male (1862-1936)
Sarah Nathan Solis
Female (1863-1937)
Elvira Nathan Solis
Female (1866-1953)
Esther Etting Solis
Female (1868-1950)
Albert Benjamin Solis
Male (1870-1950)