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Benjamin Gottesman and Esther Garfunkel Family

   m. 19 Jun 1921

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Mendel Gottesman
Male (1858-1942)
Sarah Fischgrund
Female (1869- )
Rosa Gottesman
Female (1893- )
Helen Gottesman
Female (1894-1980)
Saul GottesmanSaul Gottesman
Male (1896-1976)
Aaron Garfunkel
Male (1872-1940)
Sarah Lubetkin
Female (1878-1944)
Elsie Garfunkel
Female (1901-1989)
Florence Garfunkel
Female (1904-2002)
B. Julian Garfunkel
Male (1912-2001)
Benjamin GottesmanBenjamin Gottesman
Male (1897-1979)
Esther Garfunkel
Female (1899-1997)
Milton Mark Gottesman
Male (1922-2005)
Alice Gottesman
Female (1929-1955)