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Noah Melnikoff and Sarah Gordon Family

   m. Abt 1889

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Max Gordon
Male (1850-1927)
Chaia / Ida Melnikoff
Female (1874-1951)
Bunie / Bertha Gordon
Female (1885-1977)
Isaac Gordon
Male (1882- )
Ike Gordon
Male (1889- )
Robert Gordon
Male (1892-1977)
Bernard Gordon
Male (1896- )
Noah Melnikoff
Male (1870-1926)
Sarah GordonSarah Gordon
Female (1871-1961)
Nathan Melnikoff
Male (1895-1956)
Rose Melnikoff
Female (1898-1973)
Louis Bert Melnikoff
Male (1900-1971)
Barney Melnikoff
Male (1905-1989)
Bessie Melnikoff
Female (1907-1965)
Ann Melnikoff
Female (1913-1982)