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David Barnard Shulman and Chava / Eva Rutman Family

   m. Bef 1904

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Copel Rutman
Male (1849-1924)
Joseph Rutman
Male (1872-1914)
Bryna / Bessie Rutman
Female (1887-1951)
Hyman H. RutmanHyman H. Rutman
Male (1881-1972)
David Barnard Shulman
Male (1882-1959)
Chava / Eva Rutman
Female (1878-1960)
Hyman Shulman
Male (1904-2004)
Max Shulman
Male (1905-1984)
Joseph Shulman
Male (1908-1988)
Samuel Shulman
Male (1913-1998)
Israel O. Shulman
Male (1917-1986)