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Morris Starr and Pauline Perl Castleman Family

   m. 9 Nov 1898

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Hannah Anna Ridker
Female (1850-1918)
Benjamin Starr
Male (1872-1933)
David Joseph Mydans
Male (1877-1961)
Abraham CastlemanAbraham Castleman
Male (1844-1923)
Fannie CastlemanFannie Castleman
Female (1867-1948)
Elizabeth Castleman
Female (1873-1948)
Samuel Castleman
Male (1876-1955)
Celia/Sadie Castleman
Female (1877-1943)
Jacob Castleman
Male (1881- )
Dr. Philip CastlemanDr. Philip Castleman
Male (1882-1924)
Morris Starr
Male (1871-1932)
Miriam Starr
Female (1900-1972)
Emanuel StarrEmanuel Starr
Male (1904-1934)
Esther Dina Starr
Female (1911-1997)