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All cousin marriages
  Marriages Ancestors
NoDescent HusbandDates WifeDatesMarriage PlaceDateHusbandDates WifeDatesMarriage PlaceDate
1 2:2 Milton Schulman 1921-1987 Living Wolf Tzerlin/Goldman 1863-1920Chaichesha "Ida" Lipshitz 1873- Belarus1891
2 2:2 Morris Pochter 1873-1946 Rose Pochter 1876-19651895Getzel Pochter
3 2:2 Benjamin Sclair 1904-1968 Lena Sclair 1904-1996Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine, USA1927David Sclair Ida Cohen
4 2:2 Jacob Cohen 1873-1937 Alice Cohen 1881-19661904Reuben Alperowitz 1823-1890Sosha Esther [--?--] 1823-1903
5 2:2 Walter Aaron Dreyfous 1861-1924 Alma Dreyfous 1871-1941[--?--] [--?--] [--?--] [--?--]
6 2:2 Edgar Joshua Nathan 1860-1929 Sarah Nathan Solis 1863-1937Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA1890Isaac Mendez Seixas Nathan 1785-1852Sarah M [--?--] 1791-1834
7 2:2 Clarence S. Nathan Esther Etting Solis 1868-1950New York City, New York County, New York, USA1901Isaac Mendez Seixas Nathan [2]1785-1852Sarah M [--?--] [2]1791-1834
8 2:2 Hyman Schwartz Ida Rapaport 1910-1985Jacob Rapaport/Davidson Ester Zelda or Rochal Leah Berman
9 1:2 Robert Gordon 1892-1977 Rose Melnikoff 1898-1973Max "Mordecai" Gordon 1850-1927Bessie Dora Li(a)pinsky 1850-1903
10 1:1 Living Living Ernst Haeckel "Ernie" Plesset 1913-1988
11 2:2 Living Living David Lewis Kast 1921-1981Bertha Gold 1927-1999 1948
12 2:3 Robert Cohen 1891-1976 Fannie Alpert 1894-1982Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine, USA1917Reuben Alperowitz [2]1823-1890Sosha Esther [--?--] [2]1823-1903
13 4:4 Herbie Horowitz 1929-2013 Living Nathan Gurewitz Belarus

The table shows families where the husband and wife are already closely related, showing also the common ancestors. To view the relationships, click on the individuals, or to view the descent line of the common paternal or maternal ancestor click the ancestors.
† indicates that the relationship is only through one parent (i.e. a half relationship).
* indicates that the relationship is through an adoption or other legal relationship.

The descent column shows the number of generations to the common ancestor (husband:wife), so that

  • 2:2 is a first cousin
  • 2:3 and 3:2 are first cousins once removed (these can occur in either order)
  • 2:4 and 4:2 mark a twice-removed first cousin.
  • 3:3 is a second cousin (4:4 is third cousin and so on).

If present, 1:2 and 2:1 are uncle/niece and aunt/nephew and 1:1 are siblings and 0:1 or 1:0 are parent/child (if at least one grandparent is present).
[2] indicates this is the second occurrence of a person in the list. Clicking on the link will show just relationships involving that person.